Logan Paul’s Boxing Journey: Still Searching for Victory

Logan Paul’s venture into the boxing world may not boast an impressive record, but his impact on the sport is undeniable. While primarily known for his influencer status, Paul’s foray into professional boxing has attracted considerable attention. How else could he have secured a bout against the legendary Floyd Mayweather? In this article, we’ll delve into Logan Paul’s boxing career, both as an amateur and a professional, and examine his upcoming match against Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul's Boxing Journey

Logan Paul’s Boxing Record – Amateur: 0-0-1

Logan Paul initiated his amateur boxing journey in 2018 when he faced off against his current business partner, KSI. The closely contested bout ended in a draw, with scorecards reflecting the intensity of the match. Both Paul and KSI have come a long way since that first encounter, and they are set to showcase their growth in this weekend’s event.

Amateur Boxing Rivalry Resurrected: This weekend’s double-headliner pay-per-view (PPV) event will feature KSI vs. Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis. While they once faced each other, Paul and KSI now stand together on the same card, united rather than as rivals. Logan Paul’s amateur boxing record stands at 0 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw.

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Logan Paul’s Boxing Record – Professional: 0-1-0

A year after their amateur bout, Paul and KSI faced off once more, this time as professionals. Although the contest remained close, judges declared a winner. The match witnessed some less-than-perfect moments, leading to point deductions. However, that is now a part of history. Paul’s lone professional bout ended in a split decision loss.

A Step Toward Professionalism: The professional rematch marked a significant turning point for both Logan Paul and KSI. They exhibited improved boxing skills, garnering more fame and acclaim. Paul subsequently engaged in an exhibition match, and despite his endeavors in professional wrestling, he remains in peak physical condition for his upcoming bout against Danis.

Logan Paul’s Boxing Record – Exhibition

Logan Paul’s remarkable feat in the boxing world is an exhibition match against none other than the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather, widely regarded as the greatest of all time (GOAT), accepted Paul as an exhibition opponent. The fight went the distance, and while there were no scorecards due to its exhibition status, this extraordinary event earned Paul tremendous respect within the boxing community.

Conclusion: Logan Paul’s boxing journey may have yet to yield a victory, but it has undeniably left an indelible mark on the sport. His transition from an influencer to a professional boxer is a testament to his dedication and determination. As he prepares to face Dillon Danis, the boxing world eagerly anticipates whether he can finally secure a win and continue to captivate audiences with his incredible journey.

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