Drew Silverstein Joins BandLab Technologies as Senior Advisor for AI, Innovation, and Strategy

Singapore, October 17, 2023BandLab Technologies, a leading music technology company based in Singapore, has appointed Drew Silverstein as their Senior Advisor for AI, Innovation, and Strategy. This significant hire marks a pivotal moment for the company, with its flagship music-making app, BandLab, rapidly gaining popularity.

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Drew Silverstein

A Pioneer in Human-First AI Music Practices

Drew Silverstein is renowned for being an early pioneer in human-first AI music practices. His extensive experience includes co-founding and serving as the former CEO of Amper Music, an AI-driven music platform, as well as being the former VP of Music at Shutterstock, where Amper was acquired in 2020.

BandLab’s Remarkable Growth and AI Integration

BandLab Technologies has witnessed remarkable growth with its flagship music-making app, BandLab, which partially relies on AI-driven technology. It boasts a staggering 60 million registered users, making it the world’s largest social music creation platform. Additionally, the company offers SongStarter, a tool that harnesses AI to enable users to generate musical ideas, including beats, melodies, and chord progressions, which can then be further developed using the primary BandLab platform.

Support for Human Artistry Campaign

BandLab Technologies recently demonstrated its commitment to the advancement of AI technologies in music creation and ethical artificial intelligence by announcing its support for the Human Artistry Campaign. This move positions BandLab as the first music creation platform to endorse this campaign.

Drew Silverstein’s Unique Expertise

Before joining Amper Music, Drew Silverstein had earned acclaim as an award-winning composer, producer, and songwriter for film, television, and video games in Los Angeles at Sonic Fuel Studios. His unique blend of creative artistry and technological expertise makes him an invaluable addition to guide the company’s AI and music innovation strategy.

Silverstein will report directly to Group COO Ivan Chen. BandLab Technologies is also the parent company of Cakewalk, Airbit, and ReverbNation. The company recently underwent a comprehensive rebrand, launching a new corporate website that will serve as a central hub for its music technology offerings.

A History of Acquisitions and Rebranding

BandLab has made several strategic acquisitions in recent years, including Airbit in February of this year and ReverbNation in 2021. In 2018, the company acquired specific assets and the complete intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc. from Gibson Brands. They subsequently rebranded Cakewalk in June and unveiled new branding for the artist services platform ReverbNation in July.

Recent Key Appointments

Drew Silverstein’s appointment follows BandLab Technologies’ recent appointments of Kevin Breuner as Head of Artist Development and Education, and Jessica Strassman as the Head of Industry Relations and artist Services (Americas).

Silverstein’s Vision

“I am thrilled to join the team and collaborate on their mission to advance human-first AI practices in music,” said Silverstein about joining BandLab Technologies. “BandLab’s commitment to empowering creators and removing technological barriers aligns perfectly with my values and vision for the responsible integration of AI in music. I look forward to continuing this exciting journey with them.”

A Welcome Addition

“We are delighted to welcome Drew to the team,” added Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Co-founder of BandLab Technologies. “His friendship and advice over the years has already contributed significantly to our global AI music leadership today, and this is the perfect time for him to officially join the band. This is a very exciting and critical moment as it relates to empowering users with new technology, and this appointment comes at an essential time for our initiatives to empower and protect creators.”

In summary, Drew Silverstein’s appointment as Senior Advisor for AI, Innovation, and Strategy at BandLab Technologies is poised to further the company’s leadership in AI music practices and innovative music creation, with a strong emphasis on ethical artificial intelligence. BandLab Technologies continues to expand its reach and influence in the music industry, making it a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of music technology.

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