Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley Are Married

Love and happiness filled the air as musician Jack Antonoff and actress Margaret Qualley exchanged vows in a joyful wedding ceremony. You might recognize Jack Antonoff from his cool music and hit songs. He’s a talented singer and songwriter who knows how to make great tunes. On the other side, Margaret Qualley is a talented actress who’s been in movies and TV shows that lots of people enjoy.

March 12, 2022: Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff go public with their romance

Qualley and Antonoff went public with their romance in March 2022 when they attended the AFI Awards Luncheon together at the Beverly Wilshire in L.A. Qualley was invited along with the rest of the cast of Maid, which the AFI selected as one of the 10 best television programs of 2021.

August 19, 2023: Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff get married

The two of them, Jack and Margaret, decided to take the big step and get married. They celebrated with their close friends and family in a small and cozy gathering. People could see that they really care for each other and are really happy together.

Jack Antonoff makes awesome music, and Margaret Qualley shines on screen. It’s like they’re both stars in their own special ways. People who know them are super excited for them and wish them lots of happiness in their life together.

Their wedding news made lots of people happy too. People on the internet and even famous folks were all sending good wishes to them. You could see their smiles in the pictures, and it’s clear that they’re having a really great time.

It’s nice to see two talented people come together and share their happiness with the world. As they start this new part of their journey as a married couple, everyone is hoping for more awesome things to come from both Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley. Congratulations to them! 🎉🥂